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Re: Hard status line in vertical split mode.

From: Michael Schroeder
Subject: Re: Hard status line in vertical split mode.
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 18:31:58 +0200
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On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 11:22:24PM -0400, cga2000 wrote:
> I had a couple more questions about vertical split & caption/status
> lines:
> 1. After I do a vertical split, paging or searching is very slow on my
>    machine. Is this something to do with my configuration?

No, it's because terminals support scrolling for horizontal splits
("scrolling region"), but not for vertical splits, so screen has
to do lots of redrawing. Xterm provides a "box copy" feature that
would help a lot, but it's turned off in the default configuration.
Dunno why...

> 2. Now that we have vertical split, shouldn't we have "focus right" &
>    "focus left" commands, that could be bound to "h" and "l" for
>    consistency with "j" and "k"?

Sure, those aren't hard too add.

> 3. Since I've managed to squeeze everything I need into the hardstatus
>    :-) line, I would be in favor of having a "caption never" option
>    added. I defined a "caption splitonly "%{+d kk} " so as to have an
>    empty and mostly invisible line but it does waste a bit of space and
>    it does not look quite right especially with vim or mutt that already
>    use up a few lines at the bottom of the screen for their own
>    purposes. I don't suppose I could get rid of the caption line at this
>    point?

Hmm, wouldn't be that hard to implement. Any more users requesting

> 4. The vertical band that separates "windows" in vertical split mode.
>    Is there any way I could suppress it or make it less conspicuous?

Not yet. Would you prefer a '|' instead of the reverse space?
(You can change the color with the "sorendition" command, i.e.
"sorendition 00 70" for black on gray)

> 5. Is it possible to split the screen and display the contents of
>    another window in a single action?  Right now I'm on window #2 and I
>    would like to see what is in window #5 next to what I have in window
>    #2.  What I do is C-A |, C-A Tab, C-A 5. Is there a better way?

Not yet. You can do that with an eval statement, though, but adding
a "and select in new region" option to the "split" command is
probably the way to go.

> 6. The screen manual states that:
>    "Colors are coded either as a hexadecimal number or two letters
>    specifying the desired background and foreground color (..)"
>    I haven't been able to find the syntax for coding these hex numbers.

It's just the ANSI colors:

0-7: black, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, gray.
8-f: same colors, but in "bright" mode. f is white.

So "70" means black on gray, "71" would be red on gray.

>    Is there any reason I would want to do so?  Would they provide
>    additional functionality?

Nope, same functionality.


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