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Feature suggestion: 'move' command to change the number of a window

From: John Lunney
Subject: Feature suggestion: 'move' command to change the number of a window
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 01:14:39 +0200


Firstly, screen is an excellent piece of software. Second, I have a
few ideas for it.

The first of these ideas is for a "move" command.

This command would be like the "title" command. Invoked upon the
"fore" window, it would allow you to move the window to some other
place in the list of windows.
For example, I want to move window 7 to position 3. I invoke "move"
with window 7 at the front. I type "3" in response to the prompt "Set
window's number to:".
If position 3 is currently empty, it will put the window at position 7
in this position, and remove it from position 7. If position 3 is not
empty, it will insert the window at position 7 in this position,
shifting all the windows after position 3 along one space, and remove
it from position 7.

This would be useful, I believe. That is, if it doesn't exist in
screen already, which seemed unlikely to me, until I read all the
documentation I could find. For example, one of the servers to which I
am connected recently disconnected. I wanted to keep that window open
for a while, and create a new window after. But then I closed the
first one, and wanted the second one to take its place, so that it
would be in its normal place.

I have already more or less implemented this in a copy of the latest
source code on one of my machines, but I can't quite get it to work. I
added the command for "move" and the key-stroke, and so on. I even got
it to update the status-bar, but it crashes on my (rather dirty)
messing with the linked-list, and I didn't get to the second case,
where the target position is not empty, and you have to shift
everything else in the linked list up a place.

Furthermore, I wasn't entirely clear how one is supposed to submit a
change/patch/feature to the GNU screen project. I couldn't see a CVS
or SVN repository, so I guess it's a project managed more
traditionally in that regard.

Let me know what you think of my idea, or if it has already been implemented.

John Lunney

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