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Re: Facilitate scrolling

From: Gerhard Siegesmund
Subject: Re: Facilitate scrolling
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 11:15:13 +0100
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Hallo all

> > > Would a patch integrating easier scrolling, say, by the Linux-style
> > > SHIFT+PG??, be welcome?
> > Couldn't that be done woth a keybinding?
> Hm... I'm not a Screen guru, so I can't answer this definitively.
> I'll see whether I can do that and tell you about it later.

I have the following in my .screenrc to activate this keys at least
within X-Terminals (this case aterm). This should also work with other
terminals. Got this tip a long time ago from the mailinglist. Should be
adaptable to other terms...?

# Damit shift-page-up und shift-page-down funktionieren (aterm)
termcapinfo rxvt ti@:te@

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