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Re: New screen features available

From: Brian Mathis
Subject: Re: New screen features available
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 13:47:55 -0500
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I think it's great that there is still development going on for screen. I for one could not live without screen!

I think vertical split gives an interesting possibility... Here is the scenario: Say I have a terminal window that's 50 rows by 161 columns. I make a vertical split, so now my window is divided into 2 windows of 50x80. It would be very cool if those windows could be linked, so action in 1 window is the continuation of action in the other.

For example, if I was editing something in 'vi' in a terminal set up this way (50x161 with 1 vertical split), vi would think the window was 100 rows by 80 columns. My cursor in window 1 would go down to line 50, then when it went down to line 51, it would show up in window 2 on line 51 in vi.

I'm not sure my description is good enough, but the idea is that on a wide terminal, you could split that space into 2, and create an extra long terminal for 1 program to use.

Michael Schroeder wrote:
Hi Screen Users,

you probably wonder why the new version of screen is not already
available. Well, it got delayed a bit because of a couple of new
features I've added. The development version is available from
GNU savanna: [...]
So, feedback welcome. You probably have a lot of suggestions and
enhancement requests. Sorry that development is a bit slow at
the moment due to not enough spare time...


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