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Re: File descriptors and screen and you

From: Alan Young
Subject: Re: File descriptors and screen and you
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:31:24 +0000
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Michael Schroeder wrote:
I want to avoid going the tmp file route if at all possible.  Is there a
way I can echo tty's output so that I can grab it from a filehandle?

You need some interprocess communication way. Some ways could be
- a named pipe (but that's close to a tmp file)

I'm not as familiar with the shell as a I should be. How would I go about using a named pipe? And what's the differences between that and a tmp file?

It's been suggested that if I want to make this really portable then a tmp file is actually the best way to go, so it's not off the list, just low on it.

- some code using sockets (complicated)

and more trouble than its worth.

Thanks for the input and help.


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