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Re: New screen features available

From: Michael Grant
Subject: Re: New screen features available
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 13:49:53 +0100

While we're all putting forward feature requests...

I use screen within putty or other ssh like things.  All of these aps
always have a scroll bar.  I'd like to see someway that Screen could
make better use of this scrollbar or present me with one of it's own.

For example, when I switch screens, maybe it could redraw the whole
screen-off-the-screen.  This would be useful bound to a key sequence
so one could do it on demand rather than it happening each time one
switched screens.

Maybe Screen could provide an ascii scrollbar replacing the ssh ap's
one.  I have seen sometimes the scrollbar (in the ssh ap) gets turned
off by some escape sequence.  Send this escape sequence and put in the
ascii one.

Michael Grant

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