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alternate character set (tput enacs) problem

From: rleeden
Subject: alternate character set (tput enacs) problem
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 05:11:31 -0800 (PST)

I have recently written a script (on a Solaris 9 machine) which makes use of
the alternate character set to draw boxes. In the script I'm using 
tput enacs - to enable the alternate character set
tput smacs - to start the alternate character set
tput rmacs - to end the alternate character set

This all works fine in a normal putty window. When running it in screen it
nearly works fine - but not quite. The boxes get displayed properly but when
I'm in 'alternate character set mode' this seems to apply to the whole
window - not just the screen the script is running in. So my screen status
bar instead of showing me the server name will show garbage. This isn't too
bad as it sorts itself out pretty quickly. 

But when I've split my screen in two this becomes a bit more problematic as
I can be editing some script in one screen when suddenly it turns to garbage
because the other screen is doing some alternate character set stuff.

This seems to work differently than say 'tput clear' which just applies to
the current screen - not the whole window.

Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome.
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