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Re: how to start screen from .bashrc

From: Phil!Gregory
Subject: Re: how to start screen from .bashrc
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:32:28 -0400
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* Michael Parson <address@hidden> [2006-09-19 10:34 -0500]:
> One of the features of screen is that you can disconnect from screen
> and log out, log back in later and reconnect to the existing session.
> Having it auto-start a new screen every time you log in could make that
> difficult.

So put 'screen -dRR' in your .login (or whatever) file.  That will
reattach to an existing screen session if there is one (if there's more
than one it picks the first one) and creates a new session otherwise.  If
the session is attached alsewhere, it will detach the other location.  (If
you want multi attach just use 'screen -xRR' instead.)

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