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GNU screen can't find terminfo entry on HP-UX

From: Ismael Valladolid Torres
Subject: GNU screen can't find terminfo entry on HP-UX
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:39:02 +0200
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Sorry in advance for crossposting!

I've just installed GNU screen on a HP-UX server, using screen-4.0.2-sd-11.00.depot downloaded from the Software Porting And Archive Centre for HP-UX. Once installed, when trying to run it I get:

 Cannot find terminfo entry for 'vt100'.

But, the terminfo database is there, and of course there are entries for vt100 terminals, so I don't have a clue of what could be going on.

Here, uname -a states:

 HP-UX patife B.11.00 U 9000/800 1105424691 unlimited-user license

I never had a problem running GNU screen at many linuzes before, but I am certainly new to HP-UX, so any ideas, even those unbearably obvious, will be very useful and welcome. Thanks in advance!

Cordially, Ismael

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