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Re: screen screws up my emacs F# key bindings

From: Eric D. Hendrickson
Subject: Re: screen screws up my emacs F# key bindings
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:38:24 -0600
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These work just fine for me.  Emacs gets a "f1" when I am in Screen.

What terminal type is the shell where you started screen?  Mine is
"xterm" and I am using the UTF-8 character set (this is in PuTTY).

Rusty Shackleford <address@hidden> writes:

> My .emacs has a bunch of lines like 
>     ;;my favorite function key mappings
>     (global-set-key [f1] 'find-file)
>     (global-set-key [f2] 'save-buffer)
>     (global-set-key [f3] 'shell)
> Before I start screen, I can run emacs in a terminal window and these
> work fine.  Then after I start screen, these just cause "~" characters
> to print.
> Is there some way to fix this?  Please, no jokes about how the fix is to
> switch to vim ;)
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