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Screen: Some applications have no colors & garbled graphics..??

From: cga2001
Subject: Screen: Some applications have no colors & garbled graphics..??
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 23:17:40 -0500

A good example is the elinks www browser. Depending on where I run
screen (xterm or linux console..) I lose either the 16 colors or line
graphics. Concerning the latter I either get the ASCII replacement (a
line of +----+ dashes with plus-sign's) or worse a bunch of alien glyphs
Æ's,Á's ,Ä's, etc.. I tried starting screen with different terminfo
entries.. screen-w, screen2, screen3 .. linux.. VT100.. and several
others and as expected none corrected the problem.. but I did notice
some differences. So is creating a custom terminfo entry the correct
approach..? How do you set about doing that..? I'm reading "man
terminfo" and it seems to be rather complex. Does anyone have a
gnu/screen terminfo entry that works correctly for such applications as
elinks, but also mc on an x86 linux console that I could use as a
starting point? And, oh.. it goes w/o saying that both mc and elinks
work fine when run directly from the linux console... so it's definitely
something wrong with my "screen" setup.       


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