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Sending commands by using 'screen -X stuff <command>\015' to a screen se

From: Angel Blazquez
Subject: Sending commands by using 'screen -X stuff <command>\015' to a screen session does not interpret '\015'
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 16:13:16 +0100
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Hello there,

I'm executing 'screen -X stuff ls\015' for sending 'ls' command to the
active window of a attached session, that has a shell running on it.

It just prints 'ls\015', it does not write ls and then ENTER for
executing the command. So it seems not to be understanding '\015'. I
don't understand why, because when i go to that attached session, and I
write 'stuff ls\015' in command mode, it works.

What I have is an attached session of screen, with a selected window and
region, and I'm trying to send the command to it from outside screen,
but in the same machine, and using the same user. I have only one screen
session running.

What I want is to send commands to the windows of screen attached
session from outside screen.

┬┐Have you guys have any idea?


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