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Screen + Expect

From: Jonathan Martin
Subject: Screen + Expect
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 19:40:01 -0500

I was wondering if anyone has ever considered an integration of libexpect with screen (optional, of course), to control terminal sessions, or even screen itself? i can see this being useful to do simple macro-type operations, like hit enter every 5 minutes to keep an ssh session open, or send an alert when certain output appears in a screen that's not currently being viewed.

Although I have hacked a few lines here and there in the screen code, I am no way knowledgeable enough about either code bases to know how they could would fit together, what type of glue code would be necessary, or even if it could work. But I was wondering if this has ever come up before, or in general what people thought of the idea.


BTW, to the programmers, maintainers, and all the people who've contributed to screen, thanks. It's the single most useful program I've ever used. The main screen process I re-attach to currently has been running since Jul 14. :)

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