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Re: Running a command in all screens

From: Phil!Gregory
Subject: Re: Running a command in all screens
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:04:45 -0500
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* Kevin <address@hidden> [2004-12-09 15:07 -0500]:
> I'd like to be able to run a command ( source ~/.profile for example )
> in all my screens at once... is this possible?

Yes.  Use the 'at' command.

I'm assuming that you want to send the text "source ~/.profile" to all of
the programs you have running in screen.  The command to do that would be
'at "#" stuff "source ~/.profile"'.  (I'm not sure how to get a newline
out of 'stuff'--perhaps someone else can comment on this.)  Note that this
will run that command in *every one* of your windows.  If you only want a
subset of the windows, they need to have some unique thing in common, such
as their window title.  If they were all named "zsh", for instance, you
could use 'at "zsh#" stuff "source ~/.profile"'.

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