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Re: Neat ideas for "caption always ..."

From: Phil!Gregory
Subject: Re: Neat ideas for "caption always ..."
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 17:03:01 -0400
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* Sami Samhuri <address@hidden> [2004-05-26 11:49 -0700]:
> Now that I know there _are_ people lurking around I just wanted to see
> if anyone has any good ideas for _useful_ info in their "caption always
>  ..." line.

I do date, time, computer (important for managing multiple screen
sessions), and window list centered on the current window.  My .screenrc

  # Give me some info at the bottom of the screen.  Since hardstatus is in use 
  # the above xterm title hack, the only source of information left is the
  # caption that normally only gets displayed if you have split windows.
  # e.g.:
  # 11:50|Mon|Jan 06|aragorn f  3$ mutt  4$ centericq  5$* less  6-&!$ man  7$ 
  # (Current window is in reverse bold.)
  # See bottom of file for more complete description.
  caption always "%{-b bc}%C|%D|%M %d|%H%{+u wb} %L=%-Lw%45>%{+b by}%n%f* 


  # caption description:
  # caption always "%{bc}%C|%D|%M %d|%H%{+u wb} %L=%-Lw%45>%{+b by}%n%f* 
  # Anything I don't describe is treated literally.
  # %{bc}       - blue foreground, cyan background.
  #  %C         - time (hh:mm, leading space) in 12 hour format
  #  %D         - Three-letter day-of-week appreviation
  #  %M         - Three-letter month appreviation
  #  %d         - Day of the month
  #  %H         - hostname
  #  %{+u wb}   - underlined, white foreground, blue background
  #    %L=      - truncation/padding point.  With the 'L' qualifier, basically
  #               just acts as a reference point.  Further truncation/padding is
  #               done relative to here, not the beginning of the string
  #    %-Lw     - window list up to but not including the current window (-),
  #               show window flags (L)
  #    %45>     - truncation/padding marker; place this point about 45% of the
  #               way into the display area (45)
  #    %{+b by} - add bold (still underlined from before), blue foreground,
  #               yellow background
  #      %n     - number of the current window
  #      %f     - flags for current window
  #      %t     - title of current window
  #    %{-}     - undo last color change (so now we're back to underlined white
  #               on blue)  (technically, this is a pop; a second invocation
  #               would drop things back to unadorned blue on cyan)
  #    %+Lw     - window list from the next window on (-), show window flags (L)
  #    %-0<     - truncation point.  Place this point zero spaces (0) from the
  #               right margin (-).

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