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[Schemix-devel] Schemix 0.2.1 released

From: Dr William Bland
Subject: [Schemix-devel] Schemix 0.2.1 released
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 16:44:50 +0000
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OK, enough messing around.  I've done a new release (new below)
that fixes lots of bugs and makes building Schemix easier.
Now I'm going to be *really* focusing on the interface between Schemix
and the kernel (e.g. implementing structures and calling C functions).

This is the release announcement for Schemix version 0.2.1.

New in this release:

- Parts of Schemix can now be written in Scheme.

- Schemix now includes most of R4RS.

- A much improved and simplified build system.

- Lots of bugfixes and code cleanups.

The release contains pre-built modules for Redhat 9 (kernel 2.4.20-18.9)
on i386, i586, i686 and athlon architectures.

It can be downloaded from:

You can see screenshots of various client programs using Schemix at

Further information on Schemix (mailing list, Savannah project page, etc.)
can be found at

About the author: You can find out more about me (William Bland) at

Best wishes,
Dr. William Bland.                          Computer Programmer, UK.

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