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Re: cgit syntax highlight request

From: Eric Wong
Subject: Re: cgit syntax highlight request
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 21:52:57 +0000

Bob Proulx <> wrote:
> I did some research into this topic of cgit syntax highlighting.  It
> seems there are two popular ways to enable syntax highlighting in
> cgit.  One uses the Python "Pygments" and one uses the standalone
> "highlight" utility.
> On IRC there were various comments about pygments and previous
> security vulnerabilities it has been through.  The other option using
> "highlight" I note is packaged for Debian and therefore if any
> security vulnerabilities were found that the security channel would
> normally provide a patch which would be quickly installed on our
> systems.  Therefore in my opinion using "highlight" would be the best
> option.

Fwiw, I've used highlight (via libhighlight-perl bindings) and
never had any segfaults for ~4 years now on a heavily-crawled
site, so I'm pretty happy with it :>

I'm using Debian stable on 32-bit x86 userspace, though, haven't
tried 64-bit, yet, but intend to on a different system, soonish...

I don't have any experience with pygments; but the Python core
developers constantly breaking compatibility puts me off using
things written in Python.

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