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cgit syntax highlight request

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: cgit syntax highlight request
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 14:28:49 -0600

Savannah Users,

A user on IRC (daviid) has requested that cgit on Savannah be modified
to perform syntax highlighting by default on the various source page
display pages.

I did some research into this topic of cgit syntax highlighting.  It
seems there are two popular ways to enable syntax highlighting in
cgit.  One uses the Python "Pygments" and one uses the standalone
"highlight" utility.

On IRC there were various comments about pygments and previous
security vulnerabilities it has been through.  The other option using
"highlight" I note is packaged for Debian and therefore if any
security vulnerabilities were found that the security channel would
normally provide a patch which would be quickly installed on our
systems.  Therefore in my opinion using "highlight" would be the best

I tried it with both dark and light themes and it seems acceptable in
either.  Which is important to me personally as I almost always use a
dark theme when possible.

Personally I rather prefer the non-colorized display.  Colors are one
of those bike-shed items that everyone wants to be different.
Therefore the common ground is often the no-color option.  I much
prefer if people clone to their own sandbox and then they can use
their own preferences for all bike-shed things like colors and fonts.
But this is a shared resource and everyone is using it as a commons
area.  I will bring the topic up for discussion.

What is the opinion of the group at this time?  Should we enable
syntax color highlight in cgit by default?  Should we leave color as
it is now without?  Should we try it for a time period and see how it
is received?  What would the users like to see here?


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