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a git request for an user that wants to bring another big hope for the f

From: Takeda Shingen
Subject: a git request for an user that wants to bring another big hope for the free software movement?
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2023 05:16:08 +0000

greetings!, i write this message upon thee this message, and i'm seeking for an 
audience with GNU and FSF as well as an ethical git service that could be 
safely and as less invasive as possible. However i'm considering asking a bit 
of your help before directly submitting my fully original project idea i've 
developed all alone myself for 6 years with a hope of seeking a chance to make 
an unique a special experience project that could be either now or later to be 
part of the GNU Project as one of my biggest ambitions i've been seeking since 
i discovered the GNU wesbite 10 years ago. But technologly drastically changes 
and instead of granting help it just keeps causing troubles.

I must say it has been really and deeply hard to come with an idea of writing 
any kind of sofware back by then, since most of the ideas i was considering 
were way too complex, invasive, and for most filled with a lot of dependencies 
way too complex to install when i've migrated to GNU/Linux 1-2 years ago 
already, it were hard times back by then full of complexities and many ideas 
being discouraged. so i've been planning to create a software project about a 
video game that i wrote in some kind of C variation known as "Small-C" that 
could achieve the goal of becoming the first Free software videogame to fully 
liberate the hardware of a very old videogame console that was made in 1987 in 
Japan known as PC Engine from Hudson Soft. Normally i've considered most 
console videogames unlike computer software runs solely in the source code of 
the program itself inside the console(no OS or software platform to run in such 
devices, except for emulators in the case of modern PCs..) However, i had a bit 
of a mess when attempting this. Because there were two things that i've thought 
it could've obstructed my goal to reach a fully GPL Licensed project into this 

The first one was (a bit ashamedly) the compiler itself, because it's source 
code have been fully distributed, but neither the author, nor it's license have 
been provided in this compliler.(i suppose the author never heard about GNU 
back in it's time(1999) )so his co and many authors made most of it's job after 
that, also with no License.

and the 2nd one, was the BIOS(the platform software that runned my project). 
which similar like a windows OS it had some japanese claiming that doesn't seem 
to comply with any free software nor GNU/License. However that software is not 
really required to run the program, and i expect to build a fully free 
replacement that could run my game as well so that the console gets rid of any 
program that does not respect the user's liberties. However keep in mind that 
in order to achieve such goal, a lot of Assembly coding might be required. And 
there's no guarantee that building a free as in freedom BIOS alone can become a 
reality. I've looking in almost all the internet i've could have gathered 
without aiming the centralized services as much as possible, and none of the 
persons i've met have any sort idea neither for about programming in such 
technology devices like this one.

That's why i'm writing this message, because i urge to anyone who reads this 
message to help me finding a good git service that could help me to distribute 
all the versions i could make without risking the need to pay for some file 
storage service arround the internet and/or being forced to pay stuff on the 
internet at least until i can get more safer and more mature with that stuff.

so, being all this said, what do you guys consider my chances to make my 
project possible to be part of this repository? is it really possilble in some 
sort of manner to turn a console that runs programs without any OS or i hope i 
could have a chance that could help me handling with the future modifications i 
make about my project if at least somehow could be approved in the non 
GNU-Project savannah website. Once again, i expect to make in the future a full 
version that could accurately work in any sort of GNU/Linux distribution 
publicly written in the original C language, since the one i wrote was written 
once again in one minimalistic version known as Small-C, which is a brief 
version of the true C language. it really took me so many years to achieve what 
i wanted. So much research, experimenting, designing, programming and many 
other stuff i had to deal when i made this game and i made all this alone. I 
also hope stallman could have a chance to see and check my website that 
provides the same project there as well, and i hope in case my project 
cannot(or hardly can) be approved there, to tell me any other alternative where 
i could make a Git controlling of this project i'm still building about?. i 
really take your free software philosophy way too seriously, but let me tell 
you also this seriously, without your support to make my software part of a 
repository in savannah, my entire people here is going to be unavoidably doomed 
to use only surveilled and privative technologies for the rest of it's life, i 
live in a country where abusesively limits my life to depend of only privative 
and monopolistic services that tracks me no matter where i go, i've had over 
with the things my goberment does here. it's really horrible what i'm facing 
here. And no one arround me except me cares clearly more than anyone else about 
your movement. I hope many good chances i could have to seek a chance to have a 
repository here. i promise i will make a full version totally runnable on your 
GNU/Linux systems if this project could be approved!. my many thanks and 
blessings and i hope it can be worth this message.

ps. don't hesitate to ask me any further details i could provide in this 
project i'm making if you want to. i'll send everything about my page, and form 
of distribution here. and that unless you consider not viable the way my 
project is being distributed, please give me a solution to distribute it in an 
ethical way you could provide me. Thanks again!

My Honourable Greetings!

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