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"Watched partners" in Web UI

From: Ineiev
Subject: "Watched partners" in Web UI
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 09:53:46 +0000
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Currently, Savane allows to add "watched partners" from the groups
the user is a member of on the "My groups" page, with links
to partners' pages (/users/*partner*); and vice versa, that area
includes links to people who "watch" you.

It's also said that those who "watch" people will receive all
their notifications from the trackers of the relevant groups,
but this is wrong, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out
that the notifications have never been passed to the "watchers";
furthermore, I'm not sure if we want that.

What do people think? should we implement the notifications,
fix the description, drop the feature completely, do something else?

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