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Re: Storage Array Problems

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Storage Array Problems
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 12:50:44 -0700

Basil L. Contovounesios wrote:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > Are all of those messages yours?  They all have the same unique string 
> > pattern.
> This pattern is generated by an Emacs MUA.

Oh!  Thank you for that tidbit of information.  I am unfamiliar with
that signature and thought it might have been applied custom.  (One
might notice that message-ids on my messages are custom for example.)

> The ones are mine, and the ones are Prot's
> (CCed).  I think I received the messages locally, but they're
> clearly missing from and possibly other
> places too.  Should I just resend the missing messages?

Since they were logged as being discarded they are never going to be
delivered.  I would go slow and send one or two initially and note the
message-ids of those messages.  If they do not show up through the
list in a reasonable time please send a note to the debbugs team
mailing list with the message-ids so we can look for them.
    help-debbugs AT gnu DOT org

(The obfuscators often get in the way of actually sending email
addresses to people who read the email on web pages.)

The main debbugs team members do not monitor the Savannah mailing lists.

As a standard operating procedure we normally hold all unknown senders
(unknown in this case is unknown to the Mailman mailing list
management software, you might be Margaret Hamilton in real life but
still an unknown sender to Mailman here), we normally hold all unknown
senders for human review upon the initial contact.  After review the
message is approved and the sender is then added to the known list of
senders for that mailing list.  This is so it is only the initial
review is needed for specific human checking.  Subsequent mail is
completely automated after that point with no human delays added.

I found it an unusual pattern to see that large group of message-ids
that all had the same syntax form all were discarded that morning over
that time of 8am to 11am.  Which is why I asked about them.  Something
might have gone wrong somewhere, potentially between a chair and
keyboard for that matter.


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