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Re: ViewVC Exception

From: Thomas De Contes
Subject: Re: ViewVC Exception
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2021 07:35:37 +0100

Le 19 déc. 2020 à 03:48, Bob Proulx a écrit :

> Thomas De Contes wrote:
>>>>> Is there a problem on the server today ?

>> but that's strange that you had not any problem at all ...
> There are two very likely possibilities.  One on your end and one on
> our end.
> For one I am seeing http instead of https in the location.  Which
> means that corporate and ISP proxies may be getting in the middle and
> causing trouble.  That happens more often than seems reasonable but
> does.
> Please try the https protocol instead.  Does that work better?

I suppose the 2nd possibility is the right one, and the problem did not recur, 
so I can't say what it would have been like.

If you think that we should always avoid http because it can be corrupted, then:

I fixed the link given here:
(to )
Am I right ?

Why does the server redirects to https only when we are logged in?
And when we clic on "Browse Sources Repository" (and links that point out of 
the sub-domain), it goes on http even from https.

> Also the past day and a half has had some problems with memory
> exhaustion due to external influence starting a git clone then either
> dropping the connection or getting dropped due to networking issues.

> However its Emacs and the repository is large and the resulting git
> pack-objects process consumes 800 MB of active RAM before deciding to
> write anything to the closed file descriptor and then exiting.  That's
> been a problem.

Yes, it seems to be a problem.
I was thinking about migrate from subversion to git, but maybe it's too soon? 
What do you think about that?

> We have mitigation in effect now to detect those as
> quickly as practical and kill them as they are occurring.

Thank you for having fix it. :-)

>> And when I reloaded it, I got :
>> An error occurred while reading CGI reply (no response received)
> This seems much more likely.  As that is basically a 503 Bad Gateway
> due to the backend not being able to load in time due to memory
> stress.  It eventually loads but not before the timeout which is
> already quite long.

Ok, I think too.
As said, the problem did not recur, so I think that this time the problem was 
on your side.

> I worry the web browser is caching some result.  Please the next time
> you have this problem try using a command line tool such as wget or
> curl which avoids web browser cache issues.  For example:
>    wget -O- -q -S 
> ''
> Does that work when at the same time the browser does not?

Thank you, I keep it for the next time. :-)

RAPID maintainer

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