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[Savannah-users] Why it seems to be no activity on Savannah?

From: Balaco Baco
Subject: [Savannah-users] Why it seems to be no activity on Savannah?
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2015 22:34:49 -0300

About a year ago I reported an issue that I have known Bash has since
years ago. No clear solution seems to exist, just work arounds some do
for their specific cases. 

The issue is about duplicate history lines, even with erasedups active:

My "solution" is the simple silly, but quite ashaming to say: use
HIST*SIZE configs with muuuuch bigger values I would choose otherwise.
But the issue makes the configuration pointless since I can't know how
many lines of (different) lines my history really has - unless I
carefully make/find a script or program to count it. But it should be
the config number and that's all.

The Savannah issue got no comment, pointer, or any apparent activity. So
I decided to ask here. And the results can be everything, but no chance
of being worse. So, why not? :)


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