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Re: [Savannah-users] password must be more complicated

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] password must be more complicated
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 07:20:52 -0700
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Now that passwords are a teeny tad more of a nuisance,
I've sort-of polished up something to fight back.
Since every web site has a different rule about what
characters are allowed to be in a password and what
characters cannot be in a password and what characters
must be in a password, you, perforce, must have an array
of passwords at your disposal.  And then, of course,
with 10's of web sites, you don't get the same user
name at every site, so you must remember that, too.
(Unless you use an email id, but that isn't 100% either.)

The final analysis:  It is a mess.

A new toy to the rescue.

Type in a site name and get back a tagged list of
possible passwords, along with your login id.

Nowhere are site names recorded, the site attributes
are recorded by association with a hash of the site name.
There are multiple passwords because when you update one
site, you need a new password "seed".  The association
between a password (site) id and a seed is computed at
run time.   I think this resolves all the nuisances
that bother me.  (Aside from having to fire up some
external program, but I don't know a way around since
most web sites disallow auto-filling of passwords.)

Let me know if I've missed anything.

Cheers - Bruce

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