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[Savannah-users] What about forking support, like on github?

From: Nikita Zlobin
Subject: [Savannah-users] What about forking support, like on github?
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 17:13:27 +0600

Hello. I have seen one unique feature on github, regarding to project
hosting — projects are unique for each projects, so each "user" can
fork project without changing name - nice way to create own without to
wait for original project's owner permission.

I failed to find any info, regarding to sourceforge or savane, about
something more than just requesting creation of branch and access to it
in bounds of orignal project or simple sending of patches.

Launchpad is not considered because supports only bzr, and even with it
i would still need some hoating for git, and, where i made
an account to contribute to ladish project, doesn't have such feature.

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