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[Savannah-users] user deleted

From: Mauro Panigada
Subject: [Savannah-users] user deleted
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 14:03:07 +0200

I had an account, with login name shintakezou, still visible
Being not sure to remember the password and wanting change it anyway, I've
clicked on "Lost your password?", and trying to recover it, causes the error:

Invalid user: This account does not exist or has not been activated

If I try to create a new user using that login (shintakezou) and this email,
I get another error:

That username already exists. An account associated with that email address has already been created

If I try to login using the login "shintakezou" and using a password that
could be the right one, I receive this error:

Account Deleted

I would like to get the account back, and a notice before deletion for long time
inactivity if there's no already this policy (e.g. it was sent but I haven't read it since
it strangely was classified as spam).

Kind regards.

Mauro Panigada

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