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[Savannah-users] Problems when performing multiple client connections

From: Sanghai, Kaushal
Subject: [Savannah-users] Problems when performing multiple client connections
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:29:57 -0500

Hi all,
I have a system that consists of a PC host and several connected to it
(1 to 7 pieces). Each device has a lwIP stack 1.3 ported over to the
Blackfin 537. 
All of them have the same s/w.

The PC Host s/w is a server that waits until the client devices connect
to it.
All the devices are powered up simultaneously and they connect to the PC

My current configuration is 3 devices connected to the PC.

The problem is if I use lwIP 1.2 then I can connect and send data across
all devices. When I use lwIP 1.3, I am unable to connect to all 3
Sometimes only 2 of them connect. If I disconnect any of
the devices and leave the other 2 - then upon power up they seamlessly
to the PC and work properly. If I connect the 3rd one a minute later -
it also
establishes a link. In summary, if I power up 3 devices simultaneously,
at least one of the
fails to establish the communication with the host but anything less
than 3 works fine. Note that I can connect to more than 3 clients with
lwIP 1.2. Seems there is a bug lwIP 1.3.

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