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[Savannah-users] Using lwIP for a gateway application

From: Abhinay Patil
Subject: [Savannah-users] Using lwIP for a gateway application
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 09:24:54 +0530

I am in need of some support in using lwIP for my application. Here's what I intend to do in my application:
I have a DSP processor with 2 ethernet ports and running lwIP stack. One port is to receive the incoming traffic and other port for outgoing traffic. The processor is expected to either filter or pass through the incoming traffic to the output port based on certain conditions. For this, the DSP should receive all the IP packets coming to the input port, regardless of the fact whether those packets were addressed to that port or not. The DSP will then analyse the packets and use some proprietary conditions to determine whether that packet has to be processed or just passed on to the output port. While passing on the packets to the output port, the DSP should ensure that the packets are in exactly the same format as they were when they entered the input port (i.e. the original source address and other control data etc..)
I hope I have explained my application clearly. I need your help in understanding where exactly to modify the lwIP stack to achieve this. (Just for your information, I already have a project with 2 ethernet ports running under lwIP. I need your help in the packet handling and forwarding part of the application.)

Thanks and regards,

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