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[Savannah-users] Forex Trader Software for Linux (NO spam!)

From: Alexander Tissen
Subject: [Savannah-users] Forex Trader Software for Linux (NO spam!)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:00:30 +0200

Dear friend!

For some reason could not find any trading platform for Linux. Why such still 
is not present? Many stock exchanges change from Unix to Linux and I know that 
many traders would like use Linux for trading.

I see on Internet Automated Trading Championship 2008 MQL4 with a price 80 000$ 
and I wonder, why Metaquotes is the leader among trading platforms and not any 
trading platform on a basis Linux?

Can I ask you, how difficult is it to find group of GNU Linux programmers who 
would be interested in creating of one powerful trading platform for trading on 
Forex, Stoks etc. and one separate software for construction of trading systems 
on the basis of artificial neural networks?

I have lot of experience in working with such Software like Tradingsolutions or 
Neuro Shell Day Trader etc. for construction of trading systems. Unfortunately 
such expensive software is not flexible enough.

I'm not programmer, but I have concept of software for creation of trading 
systems on a basis of neural networks with Easy-to-Use Interface in the form of 
useful Wizard and the trading platform into which then trading systems will be 

Do you have some tip for me where can I find people who will be interested to 
create world class software which even at free distribution will create many 
workplaces for Linux experts? For example even if the trading platform will be 
given for free to the brokers, connection, adjustment, support etc. of that 
software will be from brokers paid.

Linux should be by right the leader such software!

Itself with pleasure I will actively working for creating (consulting) and the 
test of that software and as in its distribution in three languages which I 
know, - English, German and Russian.

I will be very grateful for your answer.

Kind regards,

Alexander Tissen

Thailand, Koh Samui, Lamai beach
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