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[Savannah-users] leaks

From: Daniele Zurico
Subject: [Savannah-users] leaks
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 11:19:28 -0400

Hello i'm an italian student and i've developed a program in bison+flex.
I use a mac pc and i want verify the leaks.
If i remove the free by my program it reply that there aren't leaks(0 leaks).It's impossible!!!!!
The leaks program found with the C code (not in this project but in a general C program), so the problem isn't leaks, the import of variables or other!!!
however i posted the procedure:

i use bash so:
export MallockStackLoging = 1
export MallocHelp =1
After i launch my program and in another console i write: leaks <prog_name>

So what's the problem???Mac , flex and bison or what????
Excuse me for my english but i'm italian.

Daniele Zurico
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