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Re: [Savannah-users] pulldown menus :-(((

From: Andreas K. Foerster
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] pulldown menus :-(((
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 12:43:08 +0200
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Am Freitag, dem 18. Aug 2006 schrieb Sylvain Beucler:

> Ok, that's when you're in 800x600.
> I think it's better to keep the menu that way, as I like the new
> "less-clic" navigation.
> I have 3 work-arounds for you for when the menu is too big:
> - use the mouse wheel
> - use the arrow keys
> - click on the "configure" menu item (which you can see), and then use
>   that new page to select the sub-menu item you need - that's
>   essential the old-style menu
> Does that sound ok?

Well I can work that way, but it is not convenient for me.
So, please keep in mind, that the old interface was more convenient for
some users.

What about people with even smaller displays, like PDAs?
Please keep that in mind...


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