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[Savannah-register-public] Re: [task #7903] Submission of Chestnut Scien

From: Damian Eads
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] Re: [task #7903] Submission of Chestnut Scientific Toolkit Family
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 23:02:01 -0700

Hi Alexander,

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Alexander Shulgin <address@hidden> wrote:

Follow-up Comment #1, task #7903 (project administration):

Hi Damian,

I'm reviewing your project and have discovered a few problems:

1. You have specified GPLv2 or later in the project submission, however
license headers indicate use of GPLv3 or later.  We can simply change the
version used in the project info to GPLv3 on approval.

Yes, my intention was to license the software under the terms of GPLv3. I misclicked.

2. Your tarball is missing a complete verbatim copy of the
license--please put it someplace in your tarball.  The convenient place is a
file named `COPYING' in the top level directory.

I put a COPYING file in my source directory but the build script that makes the tarball did not embed it. This has been fixed.

3. We don't recommend using phrase "All rights reserved" in copyright
statements as it implies/suggests proprietary copyright.  Please remove it
from your copyright headers.

I should disclose that although we are committed to releasing all of our source under the GPL, we believe that as owners of the copyright to the code, we may sell non-free licenses for the code. Is that consistent with having Savannah host the project?  (We understand that we may not re-license contributions of others without permission.)

4. In the file `chestnut/hcluster/' the copyright and license
information is far from the top of the file.  It's recommended to put this
information at the top as you do with other files.

Sure. I'll do this but I think you're being a bit pedantic here. Perhaps you could also comment on the naming of variables? How about my comma placement in the documentation? Will every commit require approval by Savannah?

If you are willing to make these changes please provide us with an updated
tarball of your project.

I went to your website,

and found several things confusing. You say you are a "Proponent of Free Software" and yet the second two bullets on your resume list your experience with "Windows COM programming" and "Microsoft JScript" and seven bullets cite experience with proprietary tools. Also, I went to the website of the software company you work for, Yes Software, and I can only find proprietary software listed under the Downloads section of their web page. While I don't take issue with you asking me to make some minor changes, I suggest that you practice what you preach and do the following: remove all mention of skills with proprietary software from your resume and quit the proprietary software company.


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