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[Savannah-register-public] [task #7731] Submission of ed van der meulen

From: ed van der meulen
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #7731] Submission of ed van der meulen
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2008 13:10:00 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, task #7731 (project administration):

Our lines. Here they come...

1 For important project. Think before act. That can be called here first the
analyzing step. Than means analyzing with two members who email friendly and
are stimulating each other. Acting is then developing.

2. User modules are top down thought and developed. The Gui and the Views.
According our thinking.

3. Work modules are the jewel model. Like nature. All parallel. All cells of
our body work parallel. So now bottom-up till too much, pollution. Too less
memory in the PC. System dies. Like people can die. Closer to nature.

3a. First global algorithm at the user level (LOD, level of detail). Comment
in the source. We make them by emailing friendly in versions. from rough into
a figute woth points arrows and letters. Also in the source. The first layers
to see by a developper. And easy to understand.

3b. The prime actions, prime algorithms also in ascii drawings in the source
and with an concrete example

3c. fill in the actual statements

Developing becomes bridging the gap between the parallel thought and asked
out bottom-up werking jewel modules.

The prime actions are put together and tested apart. Then we say baby run
run. We have expectations but it can also be surprising. The mother project
NNW works already so. We have already proved our ways. Demos avalable.

We promote also our ways.

Now only that short project. TSP is the traveling salesman.

An index from the analyzing phase

That index tells we are in the state of doing tryouts. The papers from that
index show we use TSP likle it is already a weather simulation. With the same
names. We already use the weather as model. We can start right away. Analyzing
has been done. For finding propper algorithms. We need only one extra member
for it also for the developing. The first developing steps are tryouts.
Bridging what we like and what is possible. The better prime algorithms.

Dependencies. We have no real depencies. Ideas are similar. Not the sources.

I am the projectleader and papers and sources will obey GNU V2, and we prefer
your site.

This is my side.

Have a nice day



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