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[Savannah-register-public] [task #3642] Submission of HostiliX

From: Rafał K.
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #3642] Submission of HostiliX
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 15:54:50 +0000
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                 Summary: Submission of HostiliX
                 Project: Savannah Administration
            Submitted by: mily
            Submitted on: Sun 01/16/05 at 15:54
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                Category: Project Approval
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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  GNU General Public License V2 or later

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  HostiliX is an free effort to develop a quality operating system that is
compatible with Windows NT/2000 drivers and applications.

Future compatibility: The HostiliX project although currently focused on
Windows NT/2000 compatibility, is always keeping an HostiliX eye towards
combinations with future Windows releases, that is, Windows XP, Windows .NET
& Longhorn XP. Supporting other System Applications: The Windows NT
architecture allows for subsystems, as does the HostiliX architecture. A
subsystem is an implementation of the API's of another operating systems
allowing HostiliX to run applications from other systems. We are already
looking at subsystems for DOS, Java and OS/2 Warp. 

Before HostiliX: Around about 1998 some people formed a group called Penguin,
with the goal to implement an operating system that would be a clone of DOS
with Windows 3.1. Unfortunately, as with many new ambitious free projects, it
was stuck in a rut of endless talk about the design of the system, with no

HostiliX Beginnings: At the end of 1999, the project had burnt out with
nothing to show. Rafal K. became project coordinator and called on everyone
still subscribed to the list to revive the project. It was decided that the
target should be Windows NT/2000 and that there would be an emphasis on
results - on written code rather than endless talk. The project was renamed
HostiliX, since the operating system's roots grew out of a dissatisfaction
with Microsoft's monopoly over the operating system market. In January 2001
HostiliX began. Today: The kernel has come a long way and is quite stable and
many API's are complete enough for higher level work to be done. Substantial
work has been done on many libraries. Initial networking code is there, but
unusable for the moment. A basic implementation of the Graphics Device
Interface (GDI) and a VGA graphics driver is paving the way for a GUI. The
amount of developers are steadly increasing. Near Future: Soon subsystems for
DOS, Java and OS/2 Warp will be started. Code to support a GUI, with the help
of the WINE for BeOS project, is growing more and more complete every day.
HostiliX is set to experience massive growth in the near future. 

Compiling HostiliX: HostiliX can be compiled at the moment only from Linux
using GCC. DOS: There is definite interest in creating a DOS subsystem for
HostiliX. Although not in development at the moment, there are a growing
number of developers expressing interest in such a subsystem. A good starting
point would be to evaluate the interest of the FreeDOS project. Windows: The
architecture of HostiliX is based on that of Windows NT/2000. The project
also aims to support Windows NT/2000 drivers, by implementing a kernel that
contains all necessary API's that Windows NT/2000 drivers would expect. The
project also aims to support Windows NT/2000 applications, by providing
libraries and services that those applocations would expect. OS/2: There is
no projects about OS/2 Warp subsystem at this time. Java: There is no
projects about Java subsystem at this time.

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