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[Savannah-register-public] [task #3620] Submission of Open Metaheuristic

From: Jonathan Gonzalez V.
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #3620] Submission of Open Metaheuristic
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 16:16:52 +0000
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                task #3620, project Savannah Administration


               Posted by: Jonathan Gonzalez V. <Zeus>
               Posted on: 2005-01-14 16:16 (Chile/Continental)

             Open/Closed:                    Open -> Closed                 

 OVERVIEW of task #3620:


                 Summary: Submission of Open Metaheuristic
                 Project: Savannah Administration
            Submitted by: nojhan
            Submitted on: Mon 01/10/05 at 15:59
         Should Start On: Fri 01/14/05 at 00:00
   Should be Finished on: Fri 01/14/05 at 00:00
                Category: Project Approval
                Priority: 5 - Normal
                  Status: Done
                 Privacy: Public
        Percent Complete: 100%
             Assigned to: Zeus
             Open/Closed: Closed
                  Effort: 0.00


Site Admin. Approval/Edition URL:


System Group Name:

Full Name:
  Open Metaheuristic


  GNU Lesser General Public License

Other License: 

  Our project aim to develop a library for the conception, test and use of

(Metaheuristics are a class of optimization algorithms. Some classical ones
are genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, etc.)

The main goals of the project are :

1° give a set of tools tools for the conception of metaheuristics on the 
"adaptive memory programming" principle.

2° allow the algorithms to handle classical real-life problems without
modifications of the sourcecode of the algorithms

3° give a set of test tools, for validation

The project will try to use a KISS approach : from the point of vue of a
metaheuristic conceptor, it should be as easy as possible to implement and
use a new method.

The project will be written in ANSI C++, using an object oriented approach.
The first aim is to produce a usable library, with a simple command line

An overview of the source code can be found at :

Note that the university of Paris 12 as give its agreement for the
development of a free software. The files named "NMSearch" have a license
that is unclear, but they will be rewritten from scratch to fit the new
library. Other contributors listed in the sources have given their agreement

Note that the project is in itself a major rewrite of the above one.

Other Software Required:
  * The C++ Standard Template Library

Other Comments:



Follow-up Comments:

Date: Fri 01/14/05 at 16:12         By: Jonathan Gonzalez V. <Zeus>
Hi Johann,

I have approved your project.  You will receive an automated e-mail

containing detailed information about the approval.

As your project was approved as without source code we will check your

CVS in a month (more or less) looking for any kind of problem.



I have approved your project for inclusion in Savannah.

We will be reviewing the cvs code in a month to check if the

source files contain appropriate copyright notice and

permission-to-copy statements at the beginning of every file of

source code. Our review would help catch potential legal issues


You should get an automated email with more information shortly.


Date: Fri 01/14/05 at 16:01         By: Johann <nojhan>

It's ok for us. Let's check the CVS in a month.


Date: Fri 01/14/05 at 15:50         By: Jonathan Gonzalez V. <Zeus>
Hi Johann,

We can approve your project as without source code, in this case we will
check your CVS in a month(more or less) checking for any kind of problem, if
you are agree with this, let us know.

Please, your next answer write it in the tracker, and not by email.


<answer from Johann to my email>

Hi Jonathan,

The "NMSearch" files have an unknown license (the author give the

autorisation to use them, but is unclear in which way), but they will

not be part of the "Open Metaheuristic" in this form. This part will

be rewrited in the very begining of the project.

I precise that the project is not written at this step, we only have

the design and the willing of finding a place to work (we are

approximatively 5 contributors nowadays).

The project provided in previous links is just a "proof of concept"

and only a minor part of the code (which we can redistribute as free

software) will be used in oMetah.

I must add that I am aware of the needs associated with the use of the

(L)GPL (as a contributor to other free software). Should I prepare a

archive with the very basic structure of the project along with the

licenses files (and COPYING and AUTHORS) ?

We haven't any source code to provide yet, and are waiting for a

website with a nice project manager software to start oMetah.

Should we consider working somewhere else at a first step and come

back later on Savannah ?



</answer from Johann to my email>

Date: Fri 01/14/05 at 02:10         By: Jonathan Gonzalez V. <Zeus>
Hi Johann,

I'm evaluating the project you submitted for approval in Savannah.

Can you provide us with more information about the license of the

"NMSearch" files? and if you're going to replace them, this will be

done in a short time or it will be it in a long time?

In order to release your project properly and unambiguously under the

GPL, please place copyright notices and permission-to-copy statements at

the beginning of every file of source code.

In addition, if you haven't already, please include a

copy of the plain text version of the GPL, available from, into a file named "COPYING".

For more information, see

The GPL FAQ explains why these procedures must be followed.  To learn

why a copy of the GPL must be included with every copy of the code, for

example, see



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