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Re: Granting permissions to one Mercurial branch

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Granting permissions to one Mercurial branch
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 13:51:35 -0600

Luis Falcon wrote:
> Things can be done at server side, but we would need to have admin
> access to the Hg server, which is not the idea.

I guess I don't understand then.  Because we have admin access to the
hg server on Savannah's vcs system.  But you say that is not the
idea.  Therefore I don't understand.

> The Weblate hosting has the possibility of specifying the branch, so at
> least at that level we minimize the issue. 

I guess I have no idea what "Weblate hosting" hosting is and assumed
it was some type of template you were using.

> As I mentioned to Andrew Engelbrecht, who also wrote me about this, we
> would need to have a greater control. For instance, having some sort
> of ACL per resource (mailing list, bug tracker, tasks, repos...)
> Also, it would be great to be able to create more repositories per
> project. That will help a lot. AFAIK, we are limited to one repo per
> project. Is it possible today to have multiple repositories?

I know very little about hg.  But in git it is definitely possible to
have multiple respositories per project.  We put then in a
subdirectory named after the project.  So for instance 'guix' has
multiple projects in the subdirectory.  I can only assume that hg
allows similar capability.

I look in the /srv/hg/ and /srv/hg/health/ directories and it looks
like for hg we would need a convention of some sort.  /srv/hg/foo-dir/
or something.

Hmm...  Is GNU Health even using Savannah hg repositories?  I had
assumed so since you had asked about it in the savannah-hackers list.


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