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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Moving some Git repositories to Savannah

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Moving some Git repositories to Savannah
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 17:34:07 -0400
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This email is a request to create 3 new Git repositories under the Guix
project on Savannah [0]

Git repository name:       Description

build-coordinator:         Service for managing Guix builds.
nar-herder:                Manage a collection of Guix nar files.
qa-frontpage:              Assist with Quality Assurance for Guix.

The source code of each repositories is accessible at,, and, respectively.


My Savannah user name is 'apteryx' and this email is signed for my
public GPG key uploaded there.

Thank you!


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