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[Savannah-hackers-public] GNU GPL license violation, copyright infringem

From: Human Rights Activist
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] GNU GPL license violation, copyright infringement and censorship on the ZeroNet GitHub repository!
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2019 10:10:01 +0000



I requesting urgent help from the Free Software Foundation and hackers at 
Savannah because at a software is illegally distributed!

I have notified the ZeroNet project that they are in violation of various 
licenses and it resulted of the termination of the GNU GPLv2 license. Soon 
after they started a voting at where they lied straight 
into the face of all contributors (they was silent about that the GPLv2 license 
is terminated) and asked contributors to change the license from GPL.

I have contributed to this software and my pull request was closed and than the 
code I sent was merged without giving me credit for my contribution. More than 
14 GitHub account is suspended because I was reported license violations, 
termination and demanded the repository to replace the license with GPLv3+!

According to my best knowledge once your release your software under GPL there 
is nothing can stop users to keep distributing it under GPL. Since ZeroNet is 
released under GPLv2 (and that license is terminated permanently) this doesn't 
terminated our rights to keep distributing ZeroNet under GPL. Because it would 
be illegal and in some cases criminal to distribute ZeroNet under GPLv2 I'm 
legally obligated to replace the license with GPLv3.

Also GPL requires to give credit to contributors and it is disgusting and 
shameful if someone copy your code and claim credit for it by merging it in his 
name! Not to mention I archived the url various times with and you can see they even manipulated the voting, which by the way 
voting about totally nonsense! They was also discussed to replace the libraries 
but the issue remains, once you received the software under GPL you are able to 
distribute it under GPL and because it would be illegal and criminal to use a 
GPLv2 license everyone is required to use a GPLv3 or a GPLv3+ license on the 

I noting here that most contributors agreed with me that GPLv3+ should be used, 
but than @imachug @filips123 and a Hungarian neo-Nazi Tamas Kocsis (aka 
@shortcutme and @HelloZeroNet) manipulated the voting and pushed for 
GPL-3.0-only. In reality only 1 person voted for GPLv3-only and more than 60+ 
for GPLv3+!

Recently, the owner of the repository (who is a criminal copyright infringer 
in this comment 
proposed to relicense ZeroNet to MIT!

I demand the Free Software Foundation to take action and contact GitHub and 
GitLab to take down the ZeroNet repository!

I will continue to distribute my copies of ZeroNet under GPLv3+ and nobody can 
stop me in this specially not after that I was no credited at all for my 
contributions! They can relicense it to MIT or Apache 2.0 disregarding 
contributors and GPL terms of conditions but I will not!

I kindly ask the Free Software Foundation and hackers at Savannah to take 

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