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[Savannah-cvs] [630] add a note on Savane branches

From: ineiev
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] [630] add a note on Savane branches
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2023 14:29:58 -0400 (EDT)

Revision: 630
Author:   ineiev
Date:     2023-06-08 14:29:57 -0400 (Thu, 08 Jun 2023)
Log Message:
add a note on Savane branches

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sviki/FrontEnd.mdwn
--- trunk/sviki/FrontEnd.mdwn   2023-06-08 06:06:56 UTC (rev 629)
+++ trunk/sviki/FrontEnd.mdwn   2023-06-08 18:29:57 UTC (rev 630)
@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
 `/opt/savannah/savane/`, which pulls from the `administration/savane.git`
+See also: [[Savannah Frontend Setup|FrontEndSetup]]
 ## Web server restarts
 To restart the web server (on any of the hosts running one), the usual

Modified: trunk/sviki/FrontEndSetup.mdwn
--- trunk/sviki/FrontEndSetup.mdwn      2023-06-08 06:06:56 UTC (rev 629)
+++ trunk/sviki/FrontEndSetup.mdwn      2023-06-08 18:29:57 UTC (rev 630)
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-Savannah Frontend Setup
+# Savannah Frontend Setup
 This page describes the configuration needed for Savannah
 new frontend web server and PHP code.
@@ -22,12 +21,11 @@
 Further reading about Savannah web frontend:
 * [[RunningSavaneLocally]] - Running Savannah PHP code locally.
-* [[FrontEnd]] - Notes about the current frontend setup (git,cvs).
+* [[FrontEnd]] - Notes about the current frontend setup.
 * [[FrontEndDevelopmentSite]] - Setting up development sites for Savannah.
-General information
+## General information
 Savannah web frontend (i.e. <>)) is written in PHP.
 It uses a MySQL database running on `internal0`.
@@ -59,7 +57,7 @@
    git reset --hard
 Generally, the production machines run the head of the master
+or i18n branch (see [Releasing Savane|SavaneReleases]).
 The current production website is <>
 and is hosted on the 'old' VM (``).
@@ -69,12 +67,9 @@
 The PHP code is in `frontend0:/usr/srv/savane`.
 The configuration is in `frontend0:/etc/savane`.
-See also: [[Savane releases|SavaneReleases]].
+## Apache/PHP Configuration File Location
-Apache/PHP Configuration File Location
 The environment variable `SAVANE_CONF` determines the location of the main
 PHP configuration file for savane. It could be set in Apache configurations
 file (`frontend0:/etc/apache2/sites-available/`) or in an `.htaccess`
@@ -97,16 +92,14 @@
-"Site-specific" files
+## "Site-specific" files
 Several sections of the displayed HTML
 on the Savannah website are taken from files in frontend/site-specific/.
-Savannah licenses list is also stored in one of those files.
+Savannah license list is also stored in one of those files.
-Mail messages
+## Mail messages
 Savannah PHP code runs under apache as `www-data` user.
 Mail messages sent to `www-data` (cron and email errors)

Modified: trunk/sviki/SavaneReleases.mdwn
--- trunk/sviki/SavaneReleases.mdwn     2023-06-08 06:06:56 UTC (rev 629)
+++ trunk/sviki/SavaneReleases.mdwn     2023-06-08 18:29:57 UTC (rev 630)
@@ -1,10 +1,34 @@
 # Releasing Savane
-If all goes ideally, our production machines run in sync with head
-of the master branch of [our Savane
+## Working branches
-However, we do release tarballs in the [download area of the `administration`
+[Our Savane
+repository has two permanent branches:
+<dd>This is the "stable" branch: it doesn't accept non-fast-forward commits,
+it is the base for all other branches.</dd>
+<dd>This is where next development commits occur.  The commits may
+be amended in this branch until they are absorbed in the master
+When no development is going on, our production machines run
+in sync with head of the master branch.  When working on new
+features, the relevant machines may run the head of i18n
+(that is, where the head were at some specific moment).
+Since the AGPL requires that we provide
+the corresponding source code for frontend code, Savane links
+to the respective commit at our git server (the "Powered by Savane"
+link at the bottom of the page).  This implies that no uncommitted
+changes should be made in the running code on frontend&mdash;all
+modifications should come through git.
+## Releases for the Translation Project
+We do release tarballs in the [download area of the `administration`
 These releases serve as references for the Translation Project
 where our UI is localized.  Nonetheless, we do make efforts to ensure

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