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[Savannah-cvs] [TasksList] (edit)

From: Beuc
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] [TasksList] (edit)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 22:32:50 +0000

- - ZWiki's layout should be set to 'full' by default, so that the sub-tree 
structure of the wiki page appear each time

- - Create Arch web interface
-  - Setup email commits
-  - Manage archive
- - Revision browser - akin to viewcvs. Try configuring caching with ArchZoom, 
prevent it from replicating foreign archives, and check the load carefully. 
Should the load not be tolerable (as the Gna! people concluded), improve 
ArchZoom with a "short-circuit" Arch implementation that would help with 
performances - currently ArchZoom directly relies on 'tla'.
 - Register archives in ArchZoom via a web interface

- - Create (done) and aliases (ToDo)

- - move SSL documentation to the WiKi

Mailing lists

 - Clean-up mailing lists from old spam

- - chroot is a test tool before to be an isolation tool, and offers no 
security whatsoever against a jail break-out from a chroot'd root user. Check 
VirtualPrivateServer. Also check the Debian Hardened project; lorenzo is 
familiar with Savannah and may lend a hand.

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