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Re: New snapshot: candidate for 0.6.0

From: Antono
Subject: Re: New snapshot: candidate for 0.6.0
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 10:25:54 +0300

I've uploaded new CVS snapshot for 2006-10-24 to Debian/experimental.
It includes a fix for Tidy/Ruby memory leak (running
regenerate_all_html used to eat hundreds of megs of RAM, now it
remains below 30), Boud's fixes for GetText and sites.yaml, and a fix
for image src links on the frontpage (could be the issue that Boud
reported and I couldn't reproduce earlier).

With these fixes, this snapshot has everything that I want to have in
release 0.6.0. Things remaining to be done:
- check if new deployment code works from behind reverse mod_proxy
- fix focuses regression test
- update translations (Esperanto, Polish, and Ukrainian are incomplete)

I take care about Esperanto translation this weekend.

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