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Re: New snapshot: candidate for 0.6.0

From: boud
Subject: Re: New snapshot: candidate for 0.6.0
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 01:13:00 +0200 (CEST)

hi all,

On Tue, 24 Oct 2006, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

I've uploaded new CVS snapshot for 2006-10-24 to Debian/experimental.

Package libsamizdat-ruby

    * experimental (interpreters): Samizdat module for Ruby all

Package libsamizdat-ruby1.8

    * experimental (interpreters): Samizdat module for Ruby 1.8 all

Package samizdat

    * experimental (web): Collaboration and open publishing engine all

It looks like it's still the 20060924 version to me - maybe the mirrors
need time to copy? Or there's some sort of authentification process which
takes a day or two?

BTW, what hash function is used for the .sig signatures here?

It doesn't seem to be either md5sum or sha1sum...

It includes a fix for Tidy/Ruby memory leak (running
regenerate_all_html used to eat hundreds of megs of RAM, now it
remains below 30), Boud's fixes for GetText and sites.yaml, and a fix
for image src links on the frontpage (could be the issue that Boud
reported and I couldn't reproduce earlier).

With these fixes, this snapshot has everything that I want to have in
release 0.6.0. Things remaining to be done:
- check if new deployment code works from behind reverse mod_proxy
- fix focuses regression test
- update translations (Esperanto, Polish, and Ukrainian are incomplete)

Ah yes, i should do the polish...

All of these are not critical and can be done in point releases later,
speak up if you think otherwise. I deliberately left out feature fixes
such as RSS import and diff improvements: there's enough new features

How about at least turning on the \n split for html? It's only a one
line change, it's hard to see any problems it could cause, and it could
reduce the number of users who publish articles in html and then get
discouraged by an apparently poorly functioning diff engine.

What i mean is just (1) from:

(2) and (3) would require a bit more work (and i haven't proposed anything
concrete), so i agree it's reasonable to delay them. But (1) seems simple
and safe to me...

in 0.6.0 in comparison to 0.5.4 (last stable release), so I'm only
interested in bugfixes.

Plan for 0.6.1 remains mostly the same:

- security: notify moderator button
- security: captcha
- security: spam filter
- bug: supplement published date with modified date
- feature: basic RSS import
- feature: diff improvements
- ui: inform guest users that they can't edit even open-for-all messages
- ui: show file size in non-inline messages


Hmmm...  i just noticed that "calendar" is for version 0.8.0 according
to TODO. This is actually on the "what we have" list for the imc-cms, i guess maybe it's present in sf-active, but it's certainly not present in mir - which led many groups to use a non-free calendar package on another server... i guess this means you (dmitry) probably have something quite clever and solid in mind for a calendar feature, but i might try my hand on at least something simple which can be used until
something more clever comes along - IMHO this is a fairly important

i had a go at a graph layout visualisation module, but it's probably
not top priority right now. i will show what it looks like and ask for feedback though. At the moment it works :) but is incredibly slow,
possibly due to the fact that the ruby-graphviz package calls graphviz
through system calls.  Anyway, i'll post that soon in an independent


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