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wiki - list of features - feedback from 23.09.06 irc (fwd)

From: boud
Subject: wiki - list of features - feedback from 23.09.06 irc (fwd)
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 12:44:06 +0200 (CEST)

sorry, i sent this to the wrong address...

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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 02:36:44 +0200 (CEST)
From: boud To: samizdat-devel at
Subject: wiki - list of features - feedback from irc

hi samizdat-devel,

Here is a general comment and some specific comments from zapata on the chat - there was just a small handful of people around.

My suggestion is longer explanations or else links into the documentation. If someone wants to update the page, here it is:

Next irc meeting UTC+2 14:00 on Sat 30 Sep.

And next one 17:00 UTC+0  Sat 7 Oct.


feedback from irc:

this was irc 23 Sep

23:41 <@Zapata> generally...
23:41 <@Zapata> the descriptions are unclear
23:42 <@Zapata> "easy mirroring capabilityI Iyes for uploads, not yet for messages (only at DB level)"
23:42 <@Zapata> I don't understand what that means
23:42 <@Zapata> "syndication -out/inI3/2Iyes/ in progress - 'net' and 'rss' in standard ruby library" 23:43 <@Zapata> what does the remark about the ruby library has to do with anything? 23:43 <@Zapata> I also wouldn't bother with putting features there that "are in progress"
23:43 <@Zapata> a lot of features are inifitely "in  progress"
23:44 <@Zapata> "CategoriesI3Iyes: naturally evolving categories"
23:44 <@Zapata> what are "naturally evolving categories"
23:44 <@Zapata> and so on
23:44 <@Zapata> also, it would be very nice to explain the nature of a feature's implementation
23:44 <@Zapata> like
23:44 <@Zapata> "Multimedia handlingI3Iyes"
23:45 <@Zapata> what can it do multimedia-wise?
23:45 <@Zapata> how do uploads work, how do downloads work, etc
23:45 <@Zapata> like, is ftp-upload possible
23:45 <@Zapata> how can videos be shown
23:46 <@Zapata> "translationI3Iru, be, fr, eo, ua, en, pl"
23:47 <@Zapata> as has been explained, "translaiton" means the ability to add a translation of an
                article via open publishing
23:47 <@Zapata> not actually existing translations of navigational stuff
23:47 < boud> well, on samizdat they go together
23:47 <@Zapata> they have nothing to do with each other
23:47 <@Zapata> so how can they go together
23:48 < boud> the default language for someone adding a translation is the one whch is considered the
              present favoured language
23:48 < boud> the present favoured language is used for navigational stuff etc
23:48 <@Zapata> but that's not the question
23:49 <@Zapata> the question is whether the software supports openly published translations to articles
                or not
23:49 < boud> it does
23:52 < boud> the categories themselves are open-published
23:52 <@Zapata> then put that in, boud
23:53 <@Zapata> instead of the "naturally evolving categories" which can mean anything
23:53 <@Zapata> your natural isn't mine, etc
23:53 <@occam> boud: remove categories, add tags
23:55 <@occam> err
23:55 <@occam> okok
23:55 <@occam> go on kids :)

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