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Re: [Rpm2html] Re: garbled release

From: Andreas Radke
Subject: Re: [Rpm2html] Re: garbled release
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 22:17:33 +0200
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Peter Hanecak schrieb:

>>The same again:
>>Invalid package scan2pdf-0.1-0.20050813.0.1.101mud.i686.rpm : garbled release
>>Invalid package pyjoin-0.1-0.20050730.0.1.205rtr.i686.rpm : garbled release
>>Can we expect a bugfix release?
>addressed in freshly released rpm2html version 1.9.1 . Give it a try.
I have done the update on our server. We will see if it helps to catch
all rpms into the rss feed.

Something else: we use rpm2html only for our own packages. There are
several places where still are links to rpmfind. On the main index page
is a search field. We donĀ“t need it. There should be a possebility to
diable it. And on the buttom of the main page is a link "created by
rpm2html..." This link still points to rpmfind. Please change it to your
new website or do an integration to set our own url.

Thanks so far.

Andreas Radke

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