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[Rpge-devel] Time to inaugurate our shiny new mailing list

From: Remco Bras
Subject: [Rpge-devel] Time to inaugurate our shiny new mailing list
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:12:17 +0200
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as project admin, I felt obliged to test savannah's fabulous mailing list 
functionality. Furthermore, I'll just make this a somewhat long message so 
everyone has a generic idea of what we'll be doing here in the future after 
they read this message in the archives or something.

For now, RPGE is in a rather basic state and in my opinion, the following 
tasks need urgent work:

-The tile grid has to be implemented (it's a rather basic 2D tile grid, 
shouldn't be too hard)

-The mob system needs rendering additions

-The message-passing-between-mobs idea (Essentially a sort-of event system for 
mob-related scripting) needs discussion

-The fundamentals of our C/GUILE interface need to be done.

However, essentially EVERYTHING needs work, so we might as well get started 
right now and get to the hacking and talking about hacking.


If I have any talent at all, it's merely the talent of having extremely bad 

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