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[RoboVasion-Devel] Re: Freecraft

From: Nehal
Subject: [RoboVasion-Devel] Re: Freecraft
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 10:01:48 -0700
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On Tuesday 01 July 2003 01:18, Stephane Magnenat wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm researcher at the EPFL ( and co-leader of the
> Globulation 2 ( free software game.
> As an hacker, I cannot accept what Blizzard did to Freecraft.
> Why did you gave up so easily ? Why not set up a mirror ?

the freecraft team is not motivated to work on it anymore either ...
if were were maybe we would fight

> I've looked at robovasion, fine, the engine could go on, but anyway I think
> setting up a freecraft's mirror in Switzerland is a good thing.
> Reverse engeneering is protected by Swiss law, and I'm ready to set-up a
> mirror here. We have enough space and bandwidth. I have no intention to let
> fascist american laws to rule our lives.

reverse engineering wasnt the problems..... the concept/idea was too 
close and thats what caused a problem

> I hope we can resurect Freecraft, or at least continuing to let people play
> warcraft 2 using robovasion's engine.
> See you,
> Steph

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