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[Rfid-all] Re: Supported hardware

From: Lionel Tricon
Subject: [Rfid-all] Re: Supported hardware
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:44:02 +0200
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Loic Dachary wrote:


        Sorry for the delay. There were no archives because your post
is the first one. It made me realize I was not subscribed to the list

No inconvenience, i guessed you were in vacation ! :-)

        RFID currently supports two RFID readers : Texas Instrument
S6350 (see http://www.ti.com/tiris/) and the recently added M2XXH
series from Inside Contactless (see http://www.insidecontactless.com/).

        The RFID library supports the Texas Instrument Tag-It tags
that use a proprietary communication protocol implemented by the
6350. It also supports all ISO-15693-3 conformant RFID tags
(transponders) which can be accessed by both the S6350 and the M2XXH

One another interresting link i found in your web site was : http://www.rfidusa.com. And specially http://www.rfidusa.com/evaluation_kits.html which provide evaluation kits based on texas instrument hardware (it seems to be a simple distributor of TI stuff).

Thanks to you email, i just find the following :

   * http://www.insidecontactless.com/products/kits.htm
   * http://www.ti.com/tiris/docs/products/evalKits/evalKits.shtml

Do you have another urls on such evaluation kits ?

        I hope that answers your question,

Lionel Tricon
04 42 90 82 92

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