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[task #16052] Only Lzip in basic, other compression software in high-lev

From: Boud Roukema
Subject: [task #16052] Only Lzip in basic, other compression software in high-level
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 18:04:24 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #3, task #16052 (project reproduce):

It seems that the gcc upstream source is by default xzipped, so that would
argue for keeping 'xz' in '' too. However, I haven't checked if also provides gzipped tar packages. If all basic packages are
available with gzip, then gzip alone would be enough.

> (2) You can simply un-comment the software's '*-url" variable in

I agree that that is the case _currently_ . However, if we remove too many
compression programs from basic, then this won't work. For example, currently
doing this gets the xzipped source of gcc. This would fail (or require
system-level xzip) if xz were absent from

> (3) We don't want to imitate Debian

Probably 'imitate' is the wrong verb. :) What I meant is that with a much
tinier team and infrastructure, we risk de facto having to repeat much of the
work of a much bigger team, due to using upstream source that is fixed for
many old bugs, but also has new features that very likely contain new bugs.
Debian stable provides source that aims at maximum stability - features are
normally not added, and only security or other significant bugs are fixed.
Anyway, it seems that you're happy to keep gzip. :)


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