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Re: Ethical repository evaluation of SourceHut

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: Ethical repository evaluation of SourceHut
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 13:05:04 -0500

IMHO, this list is in somewhat of an existential crisis - the
candidates were essentially selected and fixed from the start, to
include only sourceforge, github, gitlab, and savannah

a few years ago, i tried to get notabug on this list - it was
evaluated; but in the end, it was not added - the reason given,
was that the list was intended only for the most popular hosts;
and not to include any less popular or independent hosts, unless
perhaps they earned an A rating - as the list already included,
from the beginning, all hosts which were likely to ever meet
that criteria; it must have been clear from the beginning, that
quite likely, no new forges would ever be added

pagure is example of a forge that would rate higher than notabug
i would have liked to propose it for evaluation too; but i never
bothered to do so, because having even fewer users than notabug,
it did not pass the popularity thresh-hold either - being so
new, i suspect that sourcehut has fewer users than pagure; so
let us put these into perspective - if sourcehut belongs on this
list, then so do notabug, pagure, framagit, and probably a dozen

i am all for expanding the scope of these evaluations; but not
if it is done unfairly - according to the precedent set in
previous discussions on this list, sourcehut would be not
eligible for inclusion, unless it either earns an A rating, or
becomes more popular than the ones already on the list - so,
that is the discussion which should be taking place on this
list, before considering the evaluations of any new hosts

i can agree with arron, about the "all-or-nothing" nature of each
specific criteria; but that is hardly worthy of discussion, when
the reality for small hosts, is that inclusion is "all criteria"
'A' or nothing - that is not merely discouraging regarding one
criteria or another - the discouraging effect in that, is total

it needs to be decided firstly, if sourcehut, notabug, or any
"unpopular" forge hosts qualify for consideration - if they do,
then notabug should be added immediately; because it has already
been evaluated, and was rejected only for not meeting that
popularity thresh-hold

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