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[Repo-criteria-discuss] SourceForge requiring JS CAPTCHA to confirm exis

From: Eric Wong
Subject: [Repo-criteria-discuss] SourceForge requiring JS CAPTCHA to confirm existing subscriptions
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 07:58:04 +0000

Hi all,

It looks like SourceForge is already getting an F, but it seems
to have gotten worse...

In the past, I was OK with since I was able to successfully
register and browse archives with w3m (they also use Mailman).


    I guess I'm an unofficial leader of SoX, nowadays, since
    none of the upstream folks seem very active.  But leadership
    doesn't suit my personality :<

A few weeks ago, started requiring existing users to
reconfirm existing mailing list subscriptions.  Yes, that means
everybody needs to resubscribe to stay on lists they are already
subscribed to.

That's not the bad part...

It requires a JS CAPTCHA; which is a major accessibility
problem, especially considering SoX is command-line audio
software with its share of blind users on old computers.

This also hurts automated mailing list archival services like,,, etc.

Some discussion is available on the SoX-users list, here:

Anyways, I'm reconfirmed (I think) and will be sharing my
subscriptions to existing SoX lists via public-inbox.

But still, I'm not sure how well things will work out...

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